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Ecology: Data on Micro Algae
Achnanthidium minutissimum (Kütz.) Czarn.
in Proc. Int. Diatom Symp. 11: p. 157. 1994.
sec. R. Jahn - BGBM 2005-.
Continent: Europe
Kew Region: Europe
TDWG-Gazetteer: Germany (GER-OO)
Locality: Spree, urban Berlin
Geographic Position: N 52.5184°; E 13.33031°
Climate: Moist climates with mild winters
Habitat: Freshwater
Habitat Description: River
Life Form: Epilithic
Alkalinity: Alkaline
Water Temperature: 12.0 °C
Phosphorus: c. 1.2 mg L-1 ortho-phosphate
Fossil: No
Additional Information: Sample of the type preparation
Time Span: 20 October 1982
Voucher: B 40 0036200
Label: No label information available yet
Collector: R. Jahn
Collection: Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum, Berlin-Dahlem (B)
Fact Reference: Geissler, U., Kusber, W.-H. & Jahn, R.: The diatom flora of Berlin (Germany): A spotlight on some documented taxa as a case study on historical biodiversity - In: Witkowski, A. - Proceedingsof the Eighteenthe International Diatom Symposium, Międzydroje, Poland 2nd-7th September 2004. 2006.

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