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Cocconeis Ehrenb.
in Abh. Königl. Akad. Wiss. Berlin 1835: 173. 1836.
Taxonomic status: Accepted
Rank: Genus
Classification: ALGAE
Included taxa: Cocconeis amydrofilum Riznyk

Cocconeis antiqua Temp. & Brun

Cocconeis arenicola Riznyk

Cocconeis barleyi Frankovich & De Stefano

Cocconeis brevicostata Hust.

Cocconeis capensis (Cholnoky) Witkowski

Cocconeis cataractarum Hust.

Cocconeis cingulata Hust.

Cocconeis contermina A.W.F.Schmidt

Cocconeis cornuta C. Janisch

Cocconeis curiosa Hust.

Cocconeis diruptoides Hust.

Cocconeis disculoides Hust.

Cocconeis euglypta Ehrenb.

Cocconeis feuerborni Hust.

Cocconeis guttata E. Reichardt

Cocconeis heteroidea Hantzsch

Cocconeis hoffmannii Simonsen

Cocconeis irregularis (Schulz-Danzig) Witkowski

Cocconeis latecostata Hust.

Cocconeis limbata Ehrenb.

Cocconeis materoxanae De Stefano

Cocconeis molesta Kütz.

Cocconeis pediculus Ehrenb.

Cocconeis peltoides Hust.

Cocconeis placentula Ehrenb.

Cocconeis pseudograta Hust.

Cocconeis pseudothumensis E. Reichardt

Cocconeis pulcherrima Hust.

Cocconeis scutellum Ehrenb.

Cocconeis semiaperta Hust.

Cocconeis sovereignii Hust.

Cocconeis subtilissima F. Meister

Cocconeis tenuis Hust.

Cocconeis thienemannii Hust.

Cocconeis utermoehlii Hust.

Cocconeis vitrea Brun

Concept relations: ? congruent to Cocconeis Ehrenb. sec. AlgaTerra Abstracts Database - Abstracts Database 2004-2005.

is congruent to Cocconeis Ehrenb. sec. NCU Names in Current Use V 4.0 2001.

is congruent to Cocconeis Ehrenb. sec. AWI Institute - Hustedt collection (BRM) 2003.

is congruent to Cocconeis Ehrenb. sec. R. Jahn - BGBM 2005-.

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