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Accessibility of the Ehrenberg Collection


The Ehrenberg Collection holds the scientific legacy of Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg (1795-1876), generally considered to be one of the founders of both microbiology and micropaleontology. Ehrenberg was one of the most taxonomically prolific of all scientists, and the type specimens for several thousand algal species and several hundred algal genera are present in the collection. These include many of the most common species and genera names now in use, and the collection includes the types and original material for many of the species and genera (diatoms and also other algae) that will be examined in the AlgaTerra project.
The collection was deposited with the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin upon Ehrenberg’s death, and has been preserved through the years in good physical condition. Experience in working with the collection has shown that the majority of all type material is indeed present in the collection, but the current indices to the collection, prepared by Ehrenberg’s daughter Clara, are not sufficient for modern research needs. For efficient use as a scientific collection a new, internet accessible inventory is necessary.

Aims of the project

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