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Documentation of characters of terrestrial algae in culture: rDNA sequence analyses, morphology and cryo-preservation of reference strains


Identification and characterization of terrestrial microalgae for applied sciences has been difficult up to now. That is why their biodiversity and role in the ecosystem is little understood and changes in their alpha diversity ('Global Change') rarely provable. On the genus level the diversity of cyanobacteria and eukaryotic algae from aero-terrestrial habitats (soil, air and lichen algae) is rather high: 200 eukaryotic genera and almost 90 genera of cyanobacteria are known from soil crusts.
To speed up recording of microalgal biodiversity it is necessary to establish and to document a wide character spectrum of authentic and reference strains of living microalgae. The project is closely linked to one of the largest culture collections of algae (SAG, Sammlung von Algenkulturen Göttingen) and will gather molecular data of ecologically and taxonomically important microalgae to be used for unambiguous identification and classification.

Aims of the project

  • a. selecting and documenting authentic and reference strains of terrestrial algae
  • b. making available sequence data (rDNA) of these strains as secondary structure alignments for phylogenetic studies as well as identification of taxa
  • c. publishing of collection data on the WWW
  • d. testing and establishing cryopreservation of authentic and reference strains for further investigations

Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedl
Experimentelle Phykologie und Sammlung von Algenkulturen, Albrecht-von-Haller-Institut für Pflanzenwissenschaften, Universität Göttingen
Untere Karspüle 2, D-37073 Göttingen
Phone: +49 (0)551 397868, Fax: +49 (0)551 397871

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