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Characteristic data of green and bluegreen aero-terrestrial algae


Whereas information on marine and freshwater algae is one of the standard topics of phycological textbooks, comparatively few data are available for aero-terrestrial taxa, i. e. those algae which live on and in soil [Ettl & Gärtner 1995: Syllabus der Boden-, Luft- und Flechtenalgen. Stuttgart], cover surfaces such as rocks and tree barks or which are part of the aero-plankton. The reasons for this information gap are manifold, but one clear obstacle for a better understanding of these algae is the difficult access to published information. Important data are scattered among journals of low citation impact or grey literature and are often not available in English. This subproject will contribute to overcoming this impediment by assembling available information and making it accessible worldwide.

Aims of the project


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